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らくがき(じゃないのも)つめあわせ④ pic 8 by クロ

Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 21 / Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis

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As promise here is the Kuroshitsuji Giveaway! This is also a special order we made from Japan and we won’t receive till the end of February 2014. Images above are just samples, there is a chance that the extra cards that came with the Limited Version might not be included, we won’t know until it arrives. Artbook is also Brand New.

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5,000+ Giveaway (Kuroshitsuji Artbook (1) By Yana Taboso - Original Art)

Deadline: 2/31/2014


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4. We are shipping worldwide & covering shipping cost!

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Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 39 / Ciel Phantomhive

Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 41 / Sebastian Michaelis


Epic cosplay

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